Central D.A. likely to reach 100% from January 2014

With the release of AICPIN No. for Sep’13, the calculation and assumption begins for the probable D.A. from 1st January 2014. Still we have to get next three months’ No. for the final calculation. The last of which is to be published on 31.01.2014 and only then the actual increase may be calculated. But the Govt. employees start calculating after each half year ! 
As of the trend going on, the D.A. is likely to touch the 100% mark (if not higher!).  Only two points increase in the AICPIN data for the coming three months will make it sure to get another 10% more D.A. In the last three months, the figure was 235, 237 and 238. We can expect and predict 10% hike in Dearness Allowance with effect from 01.01.2014.


Expected DA Calculation Sheet

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