Monday, October 7, 2013

Qualifying service-7th Pay Commission

No 5-  7th Pay Commission – Expectations and Suggestions

Unnikrishnan V ,says on

I am Central Government Pensioner, who had to take voluntary retirement in Dec. 2000 owing to a domestic compulsion. At that time I had 28 years of Qualifying Service, and as per the prevailing rules in the year 2000, my basic pension was factored down by the ratio of '28/33'. Later, 6th CPC brought down the minimum service  for being entitled to full-pension from 33 years to 20 years. While accepting and implementing the 6th CPC recommendations, Government however, included a proviso that the revised Basic Pension for employees falling short of the minimum service be continued to be reduced by the same fraction (28/33).  When the 6t CPC had recommended the reduction of full qualifying service from 33 to 28, it might not have visualized that Govt. would stand by this anomalous technicality. Therefore, my request to 7th CPC is the following:

  that " even in the past cases where the qualifying service is less that 33 years, but more than the present norm of 20 years, full pension be sanctioned". In other words, the factoring down be done only for those, whose  service falls less than 20 years." The justification for this could be that there are very few employees in this category, and hence, the total outlay would be very minimum.
In case of such worries if prevailing in your mind, please convey the same to the details of Email ID given below. I have plans to properly display the same in the As such, please register your expectations without delay.


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